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How To Make An Apple Box May 12, 2017

How To Make An Apple Box


1, First of all to do with the gift packaging a flower, the first package with a folded section, and then back.
2, Repeat the above steps, up and down 22% off. And then use scissors to cut off the excess part, pay attention to the end to stay a little longer.
3, In order to facilitate the rope in the middle of the Department, first with scissors to cut a triangle around the middle.
4, And then tied the rope, around three or four laps, and then tie the knot, next to the petals tidy, take some to the middle of the fold.At the end of both ends of the fold, with scissors oblique cut.
5, Use scissors to cut the ribbon tail down from the draw knife, this step is not to let the tape too straight stiff, so some involute, then put the apple in the transparent packaging paper.
6, The next to wrap up the apple, the four corners of the paper,when all the four sides are folded then tied the rope.
7, Finally the flowers on the Department to complete!