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Minglai Packaging Focus On Just One Thing May 11, 2017

Minglai Packaging focus on just one thing


I saw a speech video taken by Natalie Portman in Harvard 2015 graduation ceremony by chance,and a passage impress me much. She said:


“A couple years ago,I went to Tokyo with my husband,and I ate at the most remarkable sushi restaurant,I don’t even eat fish,I’m vegan.So that tells you how good it was.Even with just vegetable,this sushi was the stuff you dreamed about.The restaurant has six seats.My husband and I marveled at how anyone can make rice so superior to all other rice.We wondered why they don’t make a bigger restaurant,and be the most popular place in town.Our local friends explain to us that all the best restaurants in Tokyo are that small,and do only one type of dish: sushi or tempura or teriyaki.Because they want to do things well and beautifully.And it’s not about quantity.It’s about taking pleasure in the perfection and beauty of the particular”.


That is just Minglai Packaging want to do—only focus on customize the paper packaging&printing products which you turely desired in well and beautiful form with favorable price & satisfying services!


If you have demand on customized paper packaging like luxury gift box, beauty box, jewelry box, wine box also notebook,diary printing, pls don’t hesitate any more!


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