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Fancy Notebooks Quality Stone Paper Perforated Notebook

Introduction: This Old Fashion Fancy Quality Leather Cover Notebook, Vintage Voyage Diary, Best Make Your Record!

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Fancy Notebooks Quality Stone Paper Perforated Notebook

Product introduction of fancy notebooks:

This stone paper notebook in size 165mm X 225mm for cover, 142mm X 210mm for inner pages, any other size is also ok,

Cover material is thick dark brown color change PU leather, overlap cover design, code B65-06,  voyage compass logo embossed, silver 6 loose-leaf binding perforated notebook, heavy metallic feeling, PU rude band string tie with bronzing wheel pendant, old & classic fashion,

Inside sheet made from 100gsm brown stone paper without print, just be blank, suitable for you write down any thing you wanted,

A quality notebooks in old fashion, bring them with you go to explore the distance, future.


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