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Associated Factory Information Apr 13, 2017

Associated Factory Information


Guangzhou Minglai Packaging integration of resources from the cooperated plants and gather the strengths on their each expertise area,to do the job best and chieve the best price, quality and delivery time for our terminal customer!


The printing plant- with one new Roland full color printing press, one Heidelberg full colors and one 6 colors press, one KBA 7+1 colors printing machine.


The surface treatment processing plant- with 2 lamination machine, 4 hot-stamping machine, 3 die cutting machine.


The handcraft factory- with 80~100 skillful manual workers and each 3~4 quality inspector.


Each process there is a specially-assigned our person to follow up and coordinate with factory QC on the inspection&repair work, also will take high HD pictures to our customer for control every progress , to make the best products!


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