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Personalised Gift Boxes

Introduction: 182gsm gold card mounted 1150gsm gray cardboard for material, customized UV ink printing with black color pattern.

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Personalised Gift Boxes


Product introduction of Personalised Gift Boxes:

This Personalised Gift Boxes in customized size, 182gsm gold card mounted 1150gsm gray cardboard for material, customized UV ink printing with black color pattern, with enhancer added into the ink make this printed color be more bright and solid, without fading,


Flip top style for this personalised Gift Boxes, we also can make into other style like top and base style ,drawer box style, foldable style, round style etc, any structure/ color printing gift boxes can be customized according to your require.

Welcome come visit and contact us, if you have demand on personalised Gift Boxes area, we must be your powerful backing.

SEE MORE PHOTOS OF PERSONALISED GIFT BOXES:                                      

Personalised Gift Boxes (2)_副本.jpgPersonalised Gift Boxes (3)_副本.jpg

Personalised Gift Boxes (4)_副本.jpgPersonalised Gift Boxes (5)_副本.jpg

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS OF PERSONALISED GIFT BOXES:                                                              


Below The Popular Cardboard Gifts Boxes Styles For You Choose, Also Can Be Custom Into Any Shape You Wanted:


suitcase box

suitcase box manufacturers

box with handle






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