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Commonly Used Box Custom Box Type Mar 06, 2019

Why many products is packing with Lid and Base Box generally ?

The same size of the box customization process, in general, the Lid and Base gift box is relatively cheap. The Lid and Base gift box has only one upper cover and one lower cover. There is no other complicated structure, and it is convenient to open.

This is also a cost factor that mobile phone manufacturers need to consider. Because the number of mobile phone boxes is very large, the cost of a box is US$1-3, in general, the cost is still very considerable.

The Lid and Base gift box is easy to produce and can be produced by machine assembly line to meet the large-scale demand of packaging boxes. Other types of boxes need to be produced by hand, which is unrealistic for millions of mobile phone boxes, and the quality of hand-made is not consistent.

High Quality Lid and Base Box Custom Box for Gift Packaging with Customized Printing

Packaging customization sometimes not only looks at the style of the gift box, but also customizes it according to your actual situation.