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The Packaging Used For E-commerce Jun 08, 2017

E-commerce is not only the most mainstream economic development business model but also an important part in now modern service industry.It brings opportunities and challenge for development of the packaging industry in this new model. Now the packaging in people's lives is become essential,and any product to reach the hands of consumers when there are packages

installed. In fact, good packaging will play a key role in the entire product flow process, and can lead & improve the standardization of the entire circulation environment.

E-commerce packaging is different from the traditional packaging, it is more emphasis on a personalization, security, environmental protection and other characteristics. To this end, no matter the brand owner or packaging suppliers, both they are constantly research and development suitable for electricity market environment packaging.

Our Minglai Packaging are the professional manufacturer who focus on provide the personalized mailing box, shipping box in recyclable material& good quality& meet customer require& favorable price.

Normally there are two versions of shipping box:


A.    Mailing box/ Posting box( used for light goods packaging& shipping, like kinds of small gifts, cosmetics, cloths, foods, daily use petty commodities etc).

   Mailing box.png                                   


B.    Master box/ Shipping carton( used for heavy goods packaging& shipping, like big electric appliance, beverage& drink, bulk fragile cargo etc).

shipping carton.png


The related adhesive labels, packing tape ,buffer air cushion packaging, bubble wrap, foam buffer particles we also can offered.

related packing material.png