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Herbal Tea Box Elegant Book Shaped Gift Package

Introduction:The current market mostly made of paper tea boxes, packaging different grades of tea products, and the price is cheap.

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Herbal Tea Box


Product introduction of herbal tea box:

To increase the value of the subsidiary, many consumers are now willing to pay 15% more for the exquisite packaging.

After tea  are processed through tea gift paper box/paper bag, they can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the products and enhance the value of the products.

Offline promotion,  tea gift paper box logo above is not only for consumers to see, but also through the way consumers transport or carry it to more people to see, so that consumers do promotion for their own brand, which To achieve the purpose of offline promotion.

More details of herbal tea box


Elegant book shaped clam shell gift box package

Paper Mounting

Material: coated paper ,fancy paper and etc. Thickness:110gsm, 120gsm,157gsm

Accessories1.Holder inserted(EVA,Blister,paperboard) 2.Velvet, satin or other fabric lined,flocked

1000pcs per design/size

ApplicationsPaper Box-gift;Paper Box-electronic product;Paper Box-jewelry / watch;Paper Box-wine;Paper Box-cosmetic;Paper Box-leather product;Paper Box-other packaging

herbal tea gift box(5)

Below the main 4-6 styles popular cardboard gifts boxes for you reference, any other shape packaging also can be customzize based on your require.

Customized Paper Box

A4 Custom Gift Paper Packaging


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Friendly Reminder▼:

The MOQ is 500pcs for customize per design/size, if you just want buy few pieces or dozens of pieces stock,pls can searching on Amazon, eBay retail market. Thanks~

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