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Other Shape Box

  • Cute Gift Boxes

    Cute Gift Boxes

    ​Introduction: We pride ourselves on being ethical and fair in everything we do, while still maintaining competitive price points and unbelievable quality.

  • Cute Boxes For Gifts

    Cute Boxes For Gifts

    Introduction: lunch box(bento box) shaped cute boxes for gifts, make the inside gifts be more interesting and attractive!

  • Personalised Cardboard Boxes

    Personalised Cardboard Boxes

    Introduction: Triangle shaped personalised cardboard boxes with customized size and printing, make your packaging be special and funny~

  • Hexagon Cardboard Box

    Hexagon Cardboard Box

    Introduction: Fine workmanship handmade hexagon cardboard box for various of gifts item packaging!

  • Unique Gift Boxes

    Unique Gift Boxes

    ​Introduction: Diamond shaped unique gift boxes packaging, in lid and base style, used for pack skin care, cosmetics, beauty products, also other delicate glass gifts, ceramic gifts.

  • Creative Gift Boxes

    Creative Gift Boxes

    Introduction: we are in very enthusiasm for developing the new& innovative paper packaging, welcome to contact us got some brainstorming for your designing.

  • Special Gift Box

    Special Gift Box

    Introduction: Want customize your special gift box out of ordinary and in high-class quality? Find us, find the Mr.right!

  • Cardboard Box With Handle

    Cardboard Box With Handle

    Introduction: hexagon shape cardboard box with handle in good looking quality and competent price, welcome consult or visit us!

  • Suitcase Box

    Suitcase Box

    ​Introduction: Wooden MDF board made suitcase box, in custom size and design, can be use for pack kinds of gifts items, also used as a storage box.

  • Cardboard Suitcase

    Cardboard Suitcase

    ​Introduction: suitcase box made from rigid cardboard, with metal handle and closure lock, suitable for pack makeup , cosmetics etc beauty products, also the cloth, shoes packaging.

  • Heart Gift Box

    Heart Gift Box

    Introduction: neat , clear and meticulous workmanship, make this heart gift box in best looking and solid Rock-solid quality!

  • Handmade Paper Boxes

    Handmade Paper Boxes

    ​Introduction: handmade paper boxes made by 10 years experience handworker in proficient handcraft, serious attitude ,strict management and reasonable price.

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