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Gift Packing Box Sturdy Cardboard Storage Boxes

Introduction: Dark Red Pearl Paper Cardboard Made Drawers Box with Velvet Tray for Your Luxury Gift Packaging!


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Gift Packing Box Sturdy Cardboard Storage Boxes

PRODUCT DETAILS OF GIFT PACKING BOX:                                                            

1.jpgThis is a drawer box(slide box) made from 110gsm dark red pearl paper + 1200gsm gray cardboard for outer sleeve, 120gsm golden paper mounted 1200gsm grey cardboard for inner base,

2.jpgCustom logo silver hot-stamping on outside sleeve, there is one more extra layer on inner base, made from velvet mounted cardboard embrace inner lid, compare with normal drawer box with one layer cardboard made base, this box be looks more high-class and premium, sturdy cardboard boxes,

3.jpgAnd the extra velvet layer with multi-compartment, for pack different gifts inside, or if you just need pack one bigger gift, you can take out the divider by yourselves, it's a good cardboard box storage and display the Luxury, delicate, fragile presents.

SEE MORE PHOTOS OF GIFT PACKING BOX:                                                                                                                                                   

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GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS OF GIFT PACKING BOX:                                           

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