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Beauty Box

  • Luxury Cosmetic Packaging

    Luxury Cosmetic Packaging

    Introduction: Full experienced handmade cardboard luxury cosmetic packaging box in high-class quality and premium appearance, reasonable price, on time delivery, please consult us at any time!

  • Beauty Product Packaging

    Beauty Product Packaging

    Introduction: Clear and neat handcraft by our 10 years experienced skillful handworkers, attention to detail and each gift box treat as artware, Minglai Packaging- give the best to you!

  • Luxury Beauty Box Your High End Beauty Gift Box Online Manufacturer

    Luxury Beauty Box Your High End Beauty Gift Box Online Manufacturer

    Introduction: High End Handicraft Special Magnetic Makeup Beauty Cosmetics Packaging Box Manufacturer in Satisfying Price!

  • Oil Packaging

    Oil Packaging

    Introduction: A classical flap top model beauty oil packaging box made from economical soft card paper, to much save the cost but not in low quality.

  • Cool Perfume Packaging

    Cool Perfume Packaging

    ​Introduction: original black and red card mounted rigid chipboard made this cool perfume packaging box, with big area nice pattern laser out on outer surface, make this simple structure box no simple.

  • Perfume Box Packaging

    Perfume Box Packaging

    Introduction: Aside from the round shaped box, there are also other model box for perfume packaging like drawer style box, flip top box, collapsible box, heart shape box and other special shaped box, welcome to consult us!

  • Luxury Beauty Box

    Luxury Beauty Box

    ​Introduction: Top and base style silver card made luxury beauty box, suitable for packing kinds of middle-low valued beauty cosmetics products!

  • Beauty Product Boxes

    Beauty Product Boxes

    Introduction: Dull polish on outer surface of beauty product boxes with shiny fine particle can be seen on the outside background, enhance the visual beauty and level. But still in very favorable price!

  • Essential Oil Holder Box

    Essential Oil Holder Box

    Introduction: Exquisite handcraft made this premium quality essential oil holder gift box, in affordable price and on time delivery, Minglai Packaging- your personalized & unique packaging solution!

  • Product Packaging Boxes Beautify Cosmetics Personalised Printed Box for Facial Mask

    Product Packaging Boxes Beautify Cosmetics Personalised Printed Box for Facial Mask

    Introduction: Beautify Personalised Gold Card MDF board Printed Box For Facial Mask Cosmetics Products Packaging

  • Retail Packaging Boxes

    Retail Packaging Boxes

    Introduction: retail selling plain brow kraft paper+ cardboard drawer model packaging box, used for pack various aromatherapy, massage, skin care, breast essential oil in different bottle size.

  • Retail Box

    Retail Box

    Introduction: We retail selling this plain brown craft board essential oil packaging in very cheap retail price and 1 day shipping, if you want buy the stock , not custom packaging for your essential oil bottle, this one will be your good choice!

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Customized beauty box is offered with cheap price. As one of leading beauty box manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to wholesale quality products from our factory.